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Stephan A. Seegers STS Hotel NetworksExpert hotel scout service partner since 2004.
Stephan A. Seegers, qualified hospitality management expert, is passionate about getting it right. He combines his many years of experience in the fields of hotel, agency, event and marketing management to offer a broad-based, comprehensive and personal service.
Close contact with both clients and hotels, a finger on the pulse at all times, and new ideas always at the ready.
Skilled negotiation and excellent tips – a combination our clients can rely on. But throughout, fairness and loyalty are our watchwords – to our clients as well as our hotel partners.

Personal client acquisition and direct contact are at the core of our service.
We maintain friendly, open and honest relationships while providing a focused, results-oriented service.
Our national team of STS scouts means in virtually every case we can evaluate your preferred hotel choice personally, using our stringent STS criteria.

And this is how and why we achieve the best results. Our clients always come first.

Ideal conditions for tailored solutions.